FortifyIQ News for SideChannel Studio, the pre-silicon simulation and analysis solution.

May 20, 2021



“We recently expanded the functionality so that external simulators are supported via the Verilog Procedural Interface (VPI) interface.
This enables integration with industry-standard functional simulators.”

Side Channel Attacks (SCA) extract cryptographic keys from hardware systems by analyzing power traces or electromagnetic emission data from the target device along with plain and/or cipher data. The traditional approach to deal with SCA of measuring device parameters after manufacturing is expensive and time-consuming.

How do you design security INTO your designs as early in the development process as possible?
Let FortifyIQ help you with SideChannel Studio.

The simulation engine portion of SideChannel Studio, SCOPE IQ, a “virtual oscilloscope probe”, uses an exclusive, patent-pending method of accurately simulating side channel leakages, which threaten the security perimeter of the designed chip. SCOPE IQ has extremely high performance which is further boosted by distributed processing.

The SCA data analyzer, SCORE IQ – “Side Channel Output Results Evaluator”, receives traces, simulated at the pre-silicon stage from SCORE IQ or measured at the post silicon stage, and automatically extracts cryptographic keys from the traces if the design is vulnerable to SCA.

Are your designs vulnerable? Let FortifyIQ help you with SideChannel Studio!

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