FortiMac library – Advanced HMAC SHA2 DPA- and FIA-Resistant Software Library


The FortiMac library belongs to the FortiMac product family. This software library provides ultra-strong protection against SCA, FIA, and cache attacks.

This is the only pure SW solution in the market.

The underlying protection is purely algorithmic and implementation-agnostic. Resistance to attacks was validated analytically and on a physical device. The protection is based on the Threshold Implementation (TI) approach, the security of which has been proven.

  • The folder with the public header files of the library
  • The folder with the library with which to link
  • The pkg-config file with the library metadata for integration with build systems
Tech Specs
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Advanced DPA- and FIA-resistant FortiMac HMAC SHA2 SW library

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FortifyIQ, Inc.

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  • Ultra-strong side-channel and SIFA protection
  • NIST FIPS 180-4 compliant
  • Supports SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, SHA-512/224 and SHA-512/256 schemes
  • Supports HMAC based on any one of these schemes
  • Portable to popular CPUs: ARM, RISC-V, Intel, etc.
  • Countermeasures against power and electromagnetic analysis attacks by pure SW means
  • Can fix unprotected/vulnerable HW solutions already in the field
  • Excellent performance
  • IoT devices
  • Communications
  • Automotive
  • Secure internet protocols (SSL/TLS, IPSec)
  • Content protection (Set-Top Boxes, SoCs)
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)