Explanatory Videos

Get a deep dive into the world of FortifyIQ’s protected IP cores and ultra-high bandwidth engines based on these IP cores. Learn all about the different core configurations and much more in this introductory video.

Learn how SideChannel Studio helps you find the source of side-channel leakage through a series of explanatory screenshots. Watch this detailed video now!

Explore a sample output of the differential fault attack on an unprotected implementation of the AES encryption algorithm. Watch the video to learn more!


Discover various challenges in the design and verification of silicon security now! You will learn what FortifyIQ can offer you to resolve these challenges and save you costs in time and security design.

Get a brief overview of hardware security, as well as an explanation for how to mitigate the challenge of pre-silicon verification of a security design against certain types of threats. Watch the video to learn more!

Technical Explanations:

Discover more about FortifyIQ’s two studios for pre-silicon verification – SideChannel Studio and FaultInjection Studio. This video will also help you understand the different services offered, such as security reviews and design for security.