Introducing FortifyIQ’s Protected AES Solutions, the ultimate solution for unparalleled security and performance. All FortiCrypt products (including the FortiCrypt SW library) provide ultra-high level protection against side-channel attacks (SCA) and fault injection attacks (FIA) including SIFA without sacrificing performance, latency, or gate count.

All FortiCrypt products utilize masking methods based on finite field arithmetic that implement attack resistance without incurring extra latency costs.

The core protection mechanism was verified using the rigorous Test Vector Leakage Assessment (TVLA) methodology at 1B traces, both by FortifyIQ and by a third-party Common Criteria lab. Resistance to attacks was validated analytically and on a physical device. The cores are fully synthesizable and do not require custom cells or special place & route handling.

Choose from our various configurations, including ultra-low latency, ultra-high performance, ultra-low gate count, and a balanced solution that offers a perfect balance of security, performance, gate count, and power consumption.

Our balanced solution provides the same latency and performance as unprotected IP cores and has a gate count comparable to them. This in accordance with the original AES design goal.

The user can choose a stand-alone cryptographic core or one integrated with a register block attached to one of the AMBA, AXI, or APB buses.

Our technology has been rigorously compared to other solutions based on academic papers. The results show that FortifyIQ delivers a fifteen-fold increase in throughput per area and requires thirty times fewer random bits, making us the clear choice for companies looking for superior protection and performance.

Our software IP cores can be used to enhance the protection of already manufactured devices, even those already in the field. These devices may not have had sufficient protection initially or have become vulnerable over time.

Our FortiCrypt IP Cores have passed the most stringent evaluation of a Common Criteria accredited leading laboratory.

Whether you need security, performance, low power consumption, low gate count or a combination of all four, FortifyIQ has the solution for you. Our customers shared their specific technical requirements with us, and we were successful in delivering solutions that met those needs, while our competitors were unable to do so. So why settle for anything less?

Choose FortifyIQ for the best security and performance on the market.