Unlock Unmatched AES Protection with FortifyIQ

The Breakthrough New Generation Defense Against Side-Channel
and Fault Injection Attacks

It provides the best of both worlds: unbeatable security with no compromises in latency or performance and a low gate count, making it the ideal solution for many use cases where high speed and minimal size are crucial.

Effective in software, thus can protect devices already in the field

Technology-agnostic protection, effective on any device, regardless of technology

Trustworthy and proven solution, peer reviewed and presented at CHES 2022

Independently verified by a leading Common Criteria accredited laboratory

Invest in the future of your cybersecurity with FortifyIQ. Experience unbeatable AES protection, with no compromises in performance or latency. Upgrade today!

FortifyIQ offers a new generation of products, protected against SCA and FIA, which utilize purely algorithmic, implementation-agnostic algorithms.

AES protected against SCA and FIA, including SIFA

HMAC SHA2 protected against SCA and FIA, including SIFA

FortifyIQ offers both protected IP cores and software libraries with proven algorithmic protections. FortiCrypt, the protected AES software library, has exceptional performance which enables encryption/decryption of HD video streams on low-end CPUs, and it can be used even for devices already in the field which have no or insufficient protection.