Comprehensive Side-Channel Attack Solution Suite Recognized at Milipol Paris 2019

At Milipol Paris 2019, FortifyIQ won the Milipol Innovation Award in Cybersecurity for its breakthrough innovation in side-channel attack protection.

An international panel of security experts recognized FortifyIQ for creating the world’s first comprehensive solution suite enabling chip and OEM manufacturers to protect electronic products against side-channel attacks on the microchip’s secure element.

Yann Jounot

President of the Milipol Trade Show

“This year, the competition was twice as intense as last year. Milipol is the leading event dedicated to critical infrastructure security and safety, and this year the Innovation Award competition attracted 162 of the most innovative companies in the field.”

Alexander Kesler

FortifyIQ co-founder and CEO

We are excited to win this award. We are grateful to the organizers of Milipol for this honor. FortifyIQ’s goal is to protect silicon against side-channel threats and we are thrilled to have been selected among some of the finest companies in their fields.

Today, cyberspace is the primary battlefield between the world’s superpowers and also various rogue actors. Given our technological breakthrough, FortifyIQ is well-positioned to advance protection of hardware in the era of cyberwarfare.

Milipol is a biannual trade show that hosts companies advancing solutions in critical infrastructure security and safety. This year, Milipol hosted over 1,000 international exhibitors, 30,000 visitors and 130 official delegations from around the world.

FortifyIQ is the inventor of the world’s first comprehensive solution suite that designs side-channel vulnerability out of your hardware before you build it, analyzes side-channel vulnerability in your hardware before you build it, and integrates prebuilt side-channel attack protection into your existing system-on-chip.