Defeat side-channel threats at the source.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance maximum security against side-channel attacks across the entire computing spectrum.

We accomplish this by offering a pre-silicon evaluation toolset built to test hardware designs against Differential Power Analysis and Fault Injection attacks and providing side-channel attacks resistant IP Cores.

Our Products


Design side-channel vulnerability out of your hardware before you build it.

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Analyze side-channel vulnerability in your hardware before you build it.

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IP Cores

Integrate prebuilt side-channel attack protection into your existing system-on-chip.

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Professional Services

Our Professional Services team delivers a winning combination of engineering, support, training, and consulting skills, backed by strong project management support—all to complement our clients’ teams. We enable our clients to concentrate on other tasks while we work on the FortifyIQ solutions, minimizing disruption and reducing error risk. We offer a broad variety of customizable options suited to the particular needs of each client, delivering savings and efficiency while assisting with overall solution design, integration, and implementation in order to ensure project success.

The Hardware Security Paradox
facing all OEMs and microchip manufacturers:

Hardware design needs to be protected from side-channel attacks in order to make a product secure. To test a product's security, it naturally needs to be manufactured first. That progression from hardware design to a testable final product can take months and cost millions of dollars. When it comes to secure hardware implementation, what comes first: the product or its design?