Our Advantage

FortifyIQ offers software-based side-channel countermeasure solutions without any of the usual technical deficiencies, such as the inability to find information leaks caused by glitches or the inability to locate precisely where a design is leaking information. Our customers also avoid the costly fix-evaluate-repeat loop of hardware-based side-channel remediation. In addition, a software model also steers clear of the electric noise that is inevitable with physical measurements, improving the quality of the analysis.

These technical advantages enable our approach to overcome the business drawbacks that characterize current industry side-channel evaluation and remediation solutions:

Our experienced team of mathematicians, security engineers, and software engineers assures the future development of the FortifyIQ product line-up based on our unique know-how and pending patents. Team members include those behind the core security technology of the former NDS Group Ltd., responsible for zero piracy over more than 10 consecutive years on massive deployments of pay TV systems with tens of millions of smartcards sold to clients including DirecTV, BSkyB, Viasat, Foxtel, China Central Television, and many others.